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ZeroTrash® SPC 8.4

Embark on your journey towards zero waste with our Soft Plastic Compactor.

ZeroTrash® SPC 8.4 transforms all household soft plastic refuse into a 12 × 8 × 4-inch “brick,” minimizing the material’s troublesome dispersion. Leveraging plastic’s inherent qualities, SPC 8.4 does not require any additional consumables.

Daily use of the SPC 8.4 is highly convenient and quickly becomes a habit. As compact as an average trash can, the SPC 8.4 is designed to provide ample volume for collecting one month’s worth of all plastics soft enough to be deposited through its automatic disposal window. With a simple zap, wrappers, thin plastic trays, or bags begin their manageable journey to the processing plant. The “brick” can be easily separated into original materials by a recycling facility but will not fall apart in transit, eliminating the issue of flying bags.

Named after our company’s goal of achieving zero unprocessed trash, the SPC 8.4 distinguishes itself in the emerging industry of household pre-recycling systems.

Main Benefits:


Takes anything organic, even napkins—no more under-sink grinder problems.


Stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells—right where you cook.


Easy to use and emotionally rewarding.


Infrequent removals (once a week) up to 3.7 gallons of organics.


Effective for transporting by recycling companies—no more smelly liquids and dripping.

low power

Low power consumption.

Main Benefits:

Takes all soft plastic

Very easy to use

Low power consumption

Infrequent removals

No more wondering where to put an odd shred of soft plastic

Effective for transporting and recycling

Automatically compacts and seals all collected material

Automatically compacts and seals all collected material




No More Flying Bags and Contamination by Soft Plastics!

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