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Turn trash into treasure—don’t waste the waste! Clear Drop’s Organics Collector collects when and where it’s needed. Transform problems into solutions, one item at a time!

ZeroTrash® OC 14 offers a unique solution to the challenge of household organic waste management, particularly benefiting those utilizing centralized recycling services. Designed for convenience, OC units are positioned conveniently next to the cooking area. With a capacity of up to 3.5 gallons, the OC can contain organic waste for over a week without emitting unpleasant odors. Unlike composting systems, OC functions as an Organics Collector unit, eliminating the need for waste separation, composting chemicals, or high-energy processes. Users can effortlessly dispose of all organic and compostable items, such as napkins, through its automatically sliding cover. OC minimizes the frequency of waste removal for recycling, allowing it to be done weekly for a family of four*, with no additional effort or inconvenience.

*Results may vary; calculation is based on company tests.

Main Benefits:


Takes anything organic, even napkins—no more under-sink grinder problems.


Stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells—right where you cook.


Easy to use and emotionally rewarding.


Infrequent removals (once a week) up to 3.7 gallons of organics.


Effective for transporting by recycling companies—no more smelly liquids and dripping.

low power

Low power consumption.



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