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ZeroTrash® Lifestyle

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ZeroTrash Lifestyle
with Clear Drop
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Organics Collector

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Soft Plastic Compactor

Break Free from the Vicious Cycle of Environmental Contamination

Clear Drop®’s strategy is dedicated to solving the inherent challenges of preparing waste for recycling at home. We address the issues of fluffy, always-flying soft plastics, which are hardly accepted by recycling facilities, by compacting them and making them easy to collect and transport. Similarly, we tackle the often-pungent smell and messy organics that require constant removal by making them easy to collect and neutralizing odors.

Our products are far from mere gimmicks; they represent a new line of appliances that are here to stay. They work seamlessly in every household and are designed to be improved and evolve over time. Soon, nobody will be able to imagine life without appliances dedicated to streamlining the waste flow, much like we can’t imagine our homes without a toilet. 

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